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How to get over breakup and divorce

How to get over breakup



This book without a doubt the best book to get over breakup or divorce. Nowhere else you will find information like this. This book will not give you silly tips like delete all your ex’s message or burn all your photos. This book will teach you how to get over breakup and divorce effortlessly. You just have to follow the tips which are given in this book exactly without bringing any change in it.




This book doesn’t give lame advice like talk to your best friend about your problems, think positively, be optimistic, take a break from life and travel somewhere etc. We all know these bits of advice never give any significant results. We all know this by experience. They work in a hanky panky way.

Nowadays the number of people who are facing depression and other mental illnesses are increasing exponentially. On the other hand, the amount of comforts and physical well-being we are enjoying is also increasing exponentially.

Now the question is if our physical comforts and conveniences are increasing then we must see less tension and depression around but the opposite is happening. WHY?

This is because we are not handling the fundamentals of life properly. This book will help you handle these fundamentals effectively.

Irresistible qualities which ATTRACTS FEMININE

It is almost impossible to understand the feminine or females. It is hard for most of the people to understand her because they try to understand her through their logics. When it comes to love and feminine then our logic is no good because one plus one is not two here. One plus one is equal to one million.


If you want to understand her then you must drop your one plus one is equal to two. The only way to understand her is by embrace. This book will tell you how to embrace something in such a way that it becomes a part of you.

Peace of mind

Say Goodbye to boredom

People think that the boredom is a part of life and the only way to overcome boredom is to have a luxurious lifestyle.They think only by having a very big friend circle one can stay away from boredom. They are wrong.

You can stay away from boredom without a big friend circle and luxury. This book will help you do that. Along with that if you will just follow the guidelines given in this book then you can make pleasantness and bliss your constant partner.

Collection of poems

Poetic flings

Good deed


A small drop of sweetness in the ocean.

An attempt of fireflies to fight the darkness.

In a world full of hate and agony, a small good deed astonishes.

A firefly shall bring light.

A good deed which surprises.


Rise above compulsions and addictions



Freedom means you can do whatever you want to do, and whenever you want to do. But if someone will force you to do something now then it is called slavery. Most of the people are the slave of their compulsions and addictions but they don’t accept it.

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