Insecurity in relationships


Nowadays insecurity in relationships is a very common thing. This is very unfortunate. It is unfortunate in my perspective because I want relationships to become a  synonym of joy and happiness. In my article why relationships suck, I said that for most of the people relationship means pain and suffering.


Why insecurity in a relationship is common these days?


In a last decade or so technology has grown abruptly. We get pizza in less than 30 minutes, all the information is available at the click of a button, in some countries, police come in less than 15 minutes. There is nothing good or bad about technological advancement but because of it, we expect things to happen quickly.


To get results and success in any field or area we have to give some considerable amount of time in the process. Success is not like pizza delivery system. It takes time and effort. Most of the people expect it to happen quickly like pizza delivery. Now you can guess one of the reasons which cause insecurity in relationships. Let’s proceed further.


Intent is to clean but the opposite happens


if you are really interested in finding the solution of a problem then you must know what is the real problem.


If you will not pay enough attention in analyzing the situation then you won’t know exactly how the situation is. If you will try to solve a problem in this state then instead of solving it you will pollute it more. Think about it. It will make a lot of sense to you.


A lot of people try to seek solutions like this. This approach will naturally cause insecurity as it is polluting the problem more instead of resolving it.


State of ambiguity


In my article stress in relationships, I said that there is no solution to anything unless and until there is stability within you. For example, nowadays just about anything provokes insecurity in couples. If their partner likes or comments on someone’s photo or post on Facebook then they will become insecure. We all know that some couples fight on small-small things and most of the relationships end because of it.


I have written an article in which I gave 5 reasons why relationships fail. In that article, I have written that most of the relationships fail because people come in a relationship just for the sake of being in a relationship.

If everyone is doing something then it doesn’t mean you must also follow the crowd blindly. I am not telling you to refrain yourself from anything. All I am saying is first you must give some time to yourself to find out what you really want from your life.


Without answering these fundamental questions about yourself if you will try to work or seek a solution to anything then in that case you will only pollute the situation more.


So what to do when you feel insecure in a relationship? You must understand that you are insecure because you are in a state of ambiguity within yourself. Just resolve all your inner doubts. Ask yourself the right questions.


Give some time to yourself to understand the life which is throbbing inside you. If you will not do this then just about anything will provoke insecurity within you. It will not only affect your relationship but also other aspects of your life. So strive to bring clarity in your life first.


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