How relationship should be


Everyone wants their relationship to be a fairytale. It is a dream of every genuine lover. But after some time for many people relationship becomes a burden. People don’t want to carry it but because of peer pressure, they have to carry it. It becomes a bondage which extracts all their joy and happiness. In this article, we’ll try to find out how relationship should be?


Relationships must not become a bondage or burden. It must become a means of expressing joy and happiness. Well, this is the aim of LuvLeela too. Ideally, this is how things must be but somewhere down the line things go wrong. Let’s find out where it goes wrong and how it should be?


Chemical support of nature


In the beginning, everything is beautiful in a relationship. The world becomes a very beautiful place for the people who are in love. When this beauty reaches its peak then the planets leave the sun and start revolving around those people.  After some time something goes wrong and planets again come back to their original place.


One thing which happens is that the chemical support of nature comes down after some time. Chemical support means the flow of hormones in the body. There are some hormones which are responsible for giving us the feeling of love. The maximum flow of these hormones is the beginning of a relationship. As the time passes it comes down. It happens because nature is only interested in procreation. We must not come in a relationship to satisfy nature’s interest alone. This is not how relationship should be. It must have more depths and dimensions.


We come in a relationship to get a sense of completion in our life. If we will just rely on nature for the sustenance of our relationship then we are inviting trouble.  


Nowadays there are ways to sustain the flow of hormones in our body. I’m not against anything but I want you to understand that we can’t rely on hormones or chemicals alone for the sustenance of a relationship. If you really want your relationship to last forever then you must strive to bring more depths and dimensions into it.


Is suffering inevitable?


We come in a relationship because we want to feel the sense of completion in our life. Unfortunately, most relationships fail to fulfill this need. It becomes a source of pain and suffering. So is pain and suffering inevitable in a relationship? The answer is BIG NO. IT IS NOT.


Social networks like Facebook and Instagram are full of love quotes which say something like the pain is inevitable in love, love always hurts and other things like this. In my previous article why understanding others is important, I said that relationships are neither good nor bad. It all depends on your ability to handle it.  If you know how to handle it then you can make your life beautiful otherwise, it also has a potential of ruining your life.  It is like electricity.  There is nothing good or bad about electricity. You can use it to light your house or to torture someone using the electric chair. It is capable of doing both wonderful and nasty things.


How relationship should be


The relationship must become a means of expressing your joy and happiness. It is only possible if you will create a conducive environment for other person’s growth.  


For a moment forget that you are dealing with a person; if you want to a plant to grow into a full-fledged tree then what you must do? Simple just take care of water, sunlight, and the environment around (weeds around which can cause harm).


When you are dealing with the person then you must do the same thing. Make sure that there are no weeds around which can hinder the growth of a person. Provide everything which you can including a conducive environment for his /her growth.


This is how a relationship should be. They must become a synonym of growth. If you can’t even create a conducive environment for others then you must stop claiming that you love them.


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