How to maintain a relationship


How to maintain a relationship? Maintaining a relationship is becoming a very big issue in this contemporary world which is unfortunate. To maintain stability in our life it’s very important that our relationships are stable too. So it is very important for us to learn how to maintain a relationshipTo maintain as simple thing as peace of mind people need medication.


In my book Peace of mind Say Goodbye to boredom I have said that boredom is not a part of life. People think that the only way to stay away from boredom is to have a very big friend circle and luxurious lifestyle. it is not true. This book will help you kill your boredom.


The English expression ‘falling in love’ is very significant as you can only fall into it. You can’t stand or sit on it. Loving someone means that you’re giving some part of you to the other person. So to maintain a relationship it’s very important that you fall into it.


Law of familiarity


It is a human tendency that whenever we buy a new car, house, phone or even when we come in a relationship then for few days or weeks we are very excited. After some time we tend to take it for granted even if it means a lot to us. This is a law of familiarity, it states that when a person has a lot of anything then he will take some part of it for granted. The majority of relationships end because people take things for granted.


Man and woman relationship is the only relationship which is supported by nature chemically


Humans are capable of loving anyone. We can love our mother, our dog, our teacher or anyone but these relationships are not supported by nature chemically. Only man and woman relationships are supported by nature chemically and nothing is wrong in it. If nature will not do this then you and I would not be born. But once the need is fulfilled the flow of hormones or chemical will run out, after this people start thinking why the hell we are together.


Nowadays there are ways to sustain the flow of hormones but these ways are only making problems worse than before. I am not against anything but eventually, they make the problem worse by increasing the turmoil. I know in all the cases it doesn’t happen but in most of the cases, it increases the problem.


To maintain a relationship it is very important that a relationship must have more depths and dimensions along with the hormones. Without having deep intimacy no one can maintain a relationship. To create deep intimacy one must have more depths and dimensions to his/her relationship.

Develop some rituals for healthy relationship


If you really want to maintain a relationship even after the chemical support from nature then you must understand the real meaning of love. As I told, loving someone means you’ve to give some part of you to the other person.


Every day think about your partner’s need and desires without thinking about yourself. Do something daily just for your partner without thinking about your needs and desires.


If you can remember the initial stage of your relationship when you both were very excited then you might know at that time you were doing the same thing, i.e. doing things for your partner without thinking about yourself.


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