How to resolve conflicts in your relationships


So how to resolve conflicts in your relationships? Almost every relationship encounters conflicts. People don’t need a very big reason to engage in a fight. If a couple is traveling somewhere in a car and one of them opens the window then there is the possibility of conflict between them. I have seen this happen with my relatives. This type of conflicts generally happens between married couples. Let me give you one more example.


Nowadays a conflict can very easily happen between couples because of social media. If someone liked or commented on someone’s post or photo and if their partner doesn’t like that person then there are chances of conflicts between them. Most of the relationships end because of these small reasons. There are people who find an excuse to end the relationship because they have lost the interest in it. That is a different thing. In this article, we see how to resolve conflicts in your relationships.


The blame is on…?


A few days ago I called my younger brother to give him some advice. He is in tenth grade. As I am elder I frequently call him to give advice. I knew that the final years of schooling are very hectic in our education system. So seeing him in his final years I called him. At that time his exams were after 15-20 days. I told him to bring some clarity to his life so that he can pursue whatever he want to pursue smoothly. Along with them I also taught him meditation and basic yoga practices. At that time he thought that everything is going well in his life so he ignored all my advice.


A month later he called me. He got fewer marks in one of the subject, few less than the passing marks. The day after that is his parents-teacher meeting.


In India, for most of the students excluding toppers, parents-teacher meeting is the most horrific day. During my days I was not able to sleep and eat properly when the date of that day comes close. I hated parents-teaching meeting day. Seeing my frustration you can imagine how good I was at my schools.


In India parents only care about the marks which their child got. They don’t care about any other thing. Even if their child is really good in something then also they will not give a damn. I don’t want to generalize things but I think every Indian can relate to it. The condition is so bad that even if their child can paint like Picasso then also they don’t care.


So like every normal school child my younger brother was terrorized because he got fewer marks in mathematics. I said like every normal school child because I don’t consider scholars as normal. Sorry for the discrimination but I am a brutally honest guy.


So here my little brother who is crying because of the terror. He was crying because his parents de-motivated him badly. He started complaining about them. he said it is parents duty to encourage their child but they say nasty things to me.


I said STOP. I asked for how many hours you were studying. He said 3-4 hours. I again questioned daily? He said no only during the exam time. I said stop blaming your parents. The blame is on you. When things were going well you took things for granted. If you will take things for granted then sooner or later you shall pay the price. I told him whatever you are facing is a consequence of your ignorance.


A few days ago we met on our brother’s marriage. He said the meditation and the yoga you taught me are giving me wonderful results. I feel very good after doing them and my concentration is also increased.


How to resolve conflicts in your relationships?


It is very easy to point fingers on others. No one wants to take responsibility. You can say that it was their fault, not mines. Alright, but to resolve the dispute someone has to play the role of arbiter. If you really value your relationship then please rip your bad habit of pointing fingers at others.


Before pointing fingers at others look within yourself and ask, have you played your part perfectly without any flaw? In most of the cases, you will get the answer NO and it is very good thing. Let me explain how.


Whenever I write any article or poem, I send it to all my friends and relatives. I tell them please give an honest feedback. Say whatever you want to say without caring how I will feel. I do this because I want to know the truth so that I can improve and if there is any problem then I can fix it.


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