Rise above compulsions and addictions


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Freedom or slavery


Substance abuse is increasing day by day. Let me tell you something that I have not written this book to tell you that it is bad and harmful for your health. You all are smart enough.


This book is for those who have realized that being addicted to something and being free are two distinct things. The truth people who are compulsively addicted to drugs, alcohol, smoking etc are not enjoying freedom rather they are the slave of their addictions and compulsions.


Freedom means you can do whatever you want to do, and whenever you want to do. But if someone will force you to do something now then it is called slavery. As I told most of the people are the slave of their compulsions and addictions but they don’t accept it.

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This book is not like any other books which are written on this topic. It is one hundred folds better than all the other books on addictions because it will not tell you to do impossible things like resist temptations, strengthen your willpower, think about the harmful effects of your addictions etc.


This book will help you transcend all your addictions and compulsions EFFORTLESSLY because the methods which are given in this book are very potent, easy to perform and effective.


This book contains 31 pages only. I have tried to make it like a magazine not like a normal 300 pages book. The format and size of the book make the content of the book very lucid and it also enhances the reading experience.


The price of this book is 23.99 USD, 13 USD  19.50 USDPeople are addicted to a lot of things namely porn, sex, masturbation, alcohol, drugs, shopping, coffee, and much more. This book will help you overcome all types of additions effortlessly. So Buy Now.



About the author


Paras Shivhare is a founder of He is a poet, author, blogger and a former computer science student.


He started his site with a goal of changing this world and making it a better place to live.


It sounds like a too big goal. Some people even call it an impossible and senseless goal. I don’t care about the odds. I am going to give my best. After that everything is in the hands of the divine and destiny.


To realize my dream which most people call a senseless goal I want your support. Please help me spread my work. Tell all your friends and relative about my site and work.

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