Why love is important


Love, for ages it is one of the most talked topics. Around 80% of all the songs are about love. Still, people don’t know what is love all about. This is simply because too much of talking business is going on but no one is doing anything significant. It will be wrong to say no one is doing anything. There are people who are doing great work but the percentage of such people is very less. In this article, we will try to find out why love is important?


People are very busy


Nowadays people are very busy. They don’t know why they are busy. They are simply busy. I’m saying this because most of the people are not busy because they love their work and want to bring a positive change in the world.


They are busy because if they will not do anything then they can’t handle the humbug which their mind creates endlessly.


Why is the consumption of alcohol and drugs increasing? I am not against anything. People can do anything they want to do. But most of the people are doing this because they don’t know how to handle their thoughts, emotions, memory, and imagination. They can’t handle the humbug which is created by their own mind. So they somehow want to numb it for some time.


Human beings can suffer anything


What took millions of years to evolve (our memory and imagination) we have somehow made it a curse for ourself. And we claim that we are at the peak of evolution. Tell me one thing which humans are not suffering.


If they are uneducated then suffer that. If they go to school or college then they suffer studies and burden of exams endlessly. If they are poor, they suffer their poverty. If they become rich then they have to deal with jealous people. If they are not married, they suffer that. If they got married. Well, I don’t need to say anything about that. If they don’t have children they suffer that. If they have children they complain that they don’t listen to them. If they are unemployed, they suffer that. If they get a job then they become stressed


My point is, it is not about the situation in which they are placed. The fact is humans have mastered the art of suffering. You can give them anything. They will somehow find a way to suffer that.


It is our memory and imagination which sets apart from all the other animals. We can remember things like no other creature and we can imagine things in our mind and strive to realize it in actuality. Two biggest boons that we have as humans have become a curse for many humans. What happened 10 years ago people are still suffering that. What may happen the day after tomorrow, they are already suffering. So as you can see it is not the situation in which people are placed. They are suffering because they don’t know how to handle their faculties (thought, emotions, memory, and imagination). In part II of this article, we will talk how we can take charge of them. Now let’s see why love is important?


Why love is important




Loving someone doesn’t mean expecting a surprise gift or vacation. It means that you’ve made someone else more important than you. You want someone to do well in his/her life, that’s what love is.


So if you really love someone then provide a conducive environment to that person. So that he/she can grow and do well in life. If you can’t even do that then stop claiming that you love someone.


Nowadays it is very easy to make someone lose his/her temper. Believe me, you don’t have to try very hard for that. Sometimes you don’t have to even try. It is because people don’t have necessary stability within themselves. The most important part of any building is not its furnishing or external decorations. It is a solid and stable foundation which is the most important part. Without it, a building can’t last long. Building it tall is out of a question. Similarly for any person to grow in his/her life, a solid and stable foundation is necessary. Love can provide this. 


In my book Goodbye! DEPRESSION I have given very powerful and effective ways which will ensure your emotional stability. You can very easily use these methods in your day to day life.


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